I've had the Numark NS7III since it came out and can recommend it but I’m still working on all its capabilities and I moved on from earlier models! Obviously I like the way Numark and Serato work together like they’re one so once you get the drivers installed you’re away (Mac users you don’t need drivers as they’re integral to the system). New to the kit? Start off learning the three high-resolution color screens to exploit your ability to display stackable waveforms to enhance your performance. What you’ve bought is the premier four-deck controller for Serato and it is Numark’s flagship kit and it gives you all the capabilities to create a kinetic connection between your audience and your sounds, plus the freedom to focus all your attention on your DJ-ing, your audience and your mix - with this controller your performance is 100% in your hands. 

DJ Turntables Tricks

Here’s a couple of tricks - switch the Reverse audio playback to reverse position to get backwards audio playback of the track on the corresponding deck and then when you resume normal playback you’re back where the audio playhead stops, how liberating and easy is that. Same switch go to Bleep position to reverse the track but this time when you deactivate the position you get back to where you would have been if you hadn’t reversed the track at all. Next, hot cueing - say I just assign a hot cue point on the buttons, the one I select out of the five gets lit so I’m ready to return to that pint and I just press the button again, but if the deck is paused, I can hold the lit hot cue button until I’m ready to start playback and releasing it will return the track to that point and pause playback. 

In short, I have found so much to take from this Numark NS7III that I now dedicate more time in my professional life to it and only when I get on it with truly new skills that I realise it’s a virtual never-ending range of authentic mixing and spinning experiences in my possession - truly it’s like using the equipment when a beginner dj on the right side of awesome and the results are better performances, so that’s both where I’m at and where I’m aiming.